A whole bunch of reasons to get Tobii Infinite Screen Extension

Over the past month Tobii has been rolling out our brand spankin’ new Infinite Screen Extension pack which includes 10 games that enable you as a gamer to get a more human experience while you game. Infinite Screen Extension adds another layer of immersion by giving you the ability to explore your surroundings without doing… Read more »

Changing the Game: Tobii Eye Tracking in Assassin’s Creed® Syndicate

Welcome to the eye tracking club – Tobii’s partnership with Ubisoft® continues to blossom as entirely new gaming experiences will be added to Assassin’s Creed® Syndicate, letting gamers aim, shoot and zipline with their eyes. Building on the excitement and success of Ubisoft’s ‘Infinite Screen’ implementation in Assassin’s Creed Rogue, the newest installment in the… Read more »

A new level of infinite!

You can’t put a number on ‘infinite’. But you can add 10 more games with Infinite Screen. Gamer’s who are new to eye tracking quickly realize what a powerful weapon Infinite Screen can be. That’s because it’s clear what eye tracking brings to the party. It lets gamer’s delve deeper into the game’s world through… Read more »

Tobii says Hello!

Today we, the global leader in eye-tracking, together with Microsoft Corp., announces that Tobii’s eye-tracking platforms now support facial recognition for Windows Hello, providing consumers with simpler, faster and more secure logins. Tobii’s devices are the only eye-tracking platforms that support Windows Hello. Where does the Tobii eye tracker come into play? The Windows Hello… Read more »

Russ Pitts — How Eye Tracking Will TOTALLY Change the Way You Game.

By Russ Pitts (Flying Sauce Media, Polygon.com, The Escapist) They’re just kids, really. Standing around the table, arms poking in and out of my field of view as they excitedly babble in French-scented English, their youthful enthusiasm can’t help but be infectious. This one wants me to try something new in their game, that one… Read more »

How to play GTA V in Ludicrous Mode (with your eyes!)

Watch the video! Then we show and tell… What’s in the video: In this video, we play with a gamepad and mostly control the camera and aim with our eyes. Yes, we aim with our eyes. The right joystick is used for fine adjustments while aiming. However eye tracking doesn’t replace it, so you can game as usual in… Read more »

Meet our next-generation eye tracking platform

Introducing Tobii IS4 eye tracking platform and Tobii EyeChip™, the world’s most advanced, compact and versatile eye tracking system. These new products enable premium grade eye tracking for a wide variety of consumer devices, including desktop and laptop computers, tablets, cars, virtual-reality (VR) headsets and many others. Both the Tobii IS4 platform and the Tobii… Read more »

We joined MSI in Russia for IGROMIR 2015

Since announcing our partnership with MSI in June 2015 we’ve been busily showing the world what’s in store by zooming around the globe showcasing the GT72 with Tobii eye tracking concept notebook. Last week took us to Moscow in Russia for IgroMir, which is Russia’s biggest computer and video games event. The event gives game… Read more »

How does our Tobii eye tracking controller work?

Take a deeper look into the Eye Tracking revolution. It is to easy to skip the basics and go right to the fun stuff, so therefore maybe we should explain more on how eye tracking and the controller works? You can of course get more deeper information in our support sections of the Tobii website,… Read more »

Foveated Rendering in VR = easy peasy with Tobii & Starbreeze new collaboration.

“VR is all about experience. When that experience is inhibited by the ability to render realistic and immersive environments, it’s a roadblock to creating world-class content and experiences our customers love and consistently expect us to deliver,” said Emmanuel Marquez, CTO of Starbreeze AB. “Partnering with Tobii, the undisputed leader in eye tracking, allows us… Read more »